Payment Methods​

To pay by check:

make check payable to:

Charlotte Aeromodelers

​and mail to:

Dave Byers
921 Coach House Pl NW
Concord NC 28027


Jerry Plyler, Training Director
Phone: 704-888-4676

Charlotte Aeromodelers Club welcomes for membership all people that have an interest in flying radio controlled aircraft.  This includes those individuals that are already proficient pilots, beginners with absolutely no experience, and everyone in between.  Experienced applicants that can already safely operate RC aircraft will be accepted into the club by having a sponsor (current club regular or senior member) that vouches for the applicant’s abilities based on the sponsor’s personal knowledge or by the applicant demonstrating his flying ability to the club safety officer or to the safety officer’s designee.   Those applicants without experience will be assigned a sponsor. Sponsors will help applicants find teachers willing to work with them until they are able to demonstrate the ability to safely operate an RC aircraft.  Current membership in the AMA is also a requirement for all CAM members.​​  Please fill out and submit the web form below, or complete the paper application and give it to a club officer to begin the process.  

Our membership fiscal year is June 1- May 31st. New members will join for a full year at a rate of $180 General Membership, $25.00 Junior Membership (18 and under).  New members joining after June will pay a pro-rated amount based on the months remaining in the year. ($15.00/month General members, $2.00/month Junior members)  Prorating of annual dues does NOT apply to existing members.  Existing members will always pay the applicable, full annual amount.

If dues are paid via PayPal or Venmo then the amount owed will be $186.50 for General Membership and $26 for Junior membership.  If dues are paid by check then the amount owed will be $180.00 for General Membership and $25 for Junior membership.  Dues paid by check can be sent to the address below.

Club meetings are held monthly throughout the year. (see home page for next meeting info)  Charlotte Aeromodelers is an AMA sanctioned club.  Find out more about the AMA at   Membership in the Charlotte Aeromodelers includes full access to our flying field, participation in various activities throughout the year, and the opportunity to meet with others who share your interest in modeling.

We also offer a Try and Fly program for prospective new members who want to try us and the sport out. Here's how it works - the new member prospect pays $50.00 and flies as a club member for 90 days. At the end of the 90 day Try and Fly period the prospect can elect to join or walk away. If the prospect elects to become a full member, they will pay the remaining dues for the existing flying year period.  Try and Fly members are subject to the same sponsorship requirements as described above.

To pay by check, make it payable to Charlotte Aeromodelers and mail to the address below.

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Flight Instruction


We have an excellent group of skilled, qualified flight instructors that are always willing to help.  Whether you are new to RC flying or an experienced flyer looking to sharpen your skills, our instructors are ready.  If you would like to talk to a flight instructor, please reach out to our training director, Jerry Plyler (see below for contact info).  This service is offered at no charge to club members.  We even have trainer aircraft available for your use.  We are here to help you have a safe, fun, and successful start.

To Pay with PayPal:

Send payment to Letsfly263

Print & Apply by Mail


We only use your birthdate to determine your eligibility for our reduced senior and lifetime membership rates.

To Pay with VenMo:

Send payment to

Charlotte Aeromodelers